Pride of the Farm
Hawkeye Steel Products, Inc. is a manufacturing company comprised of five unique brands: Eaton(1903), Pride of the Farm(1920), Brower(1923), Conrad American(1968) and Span-Tech(1995). Each brand operates independently of one another, and each offers a broad product line, which ultimately allows Hawkeye Steel to manufacture equipment for nearly all non-mechanized agricultural markets. Eaton and Conrad American produce both small-scale and commercial sized grain storage bins and the related equipment needed for grain drying. Pride of the Farm feeds and waters millions of various animals every year. The Pride brand is world renowned for its 100% energy free drinkers, electric heated drinkers, and the number one selling mineral feeder in North America, as well as several other items. The Brower brand sells animal feeding and watering equipment with emphasis in the poultry market.

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