Iodized Salt Block

Champion’s Choice Iodized Salt Block

Champion’s Choice Iodized Salt Block

Champion’s Choice Iodized Salt Block is a specially formulated salt with calcium iodate to help promote proper thyroid gland activity, which helps produce the necessary levels of thyroid hormones for optimum performance. Iodine deficiencies in livestock can lead to goiter (an enlargement of the thyroid gland), a condition most often found in young animals. This salt product is intended for beef cattle, dairy cows, horses, goats, pigs and sheep. Iodized salt blocks are weather resistant for free choice feeding.

Champion’s Choice Iodized Salt Block can help provide the nutrition your animals need to give you the results you want. Salt is an essential ingredient in your animals’ diet, and proper use results in better overall health, shinier coats, and higher output of milk and eggs.

When consumed in the right amounts, Champion’s Choice Agricultural Salt products can increase your animals’ overall wellness and performance, help improve and maintain skin and coat health, and increase milk production in lactating animals.

Champion’s Choice Salt is an essential nutrient for your animals. When your animals get the nutrition they need, they perform better and look better. And when your animals look better, you’ll know you’re doing the right thing for both your animals and your operation.

Product Sell Sheet

Use Instructions

  • Feed this supplement free-choice to cattle, horses, goats, sheep, and swine.
  • Provide an adequate supply of fresh water for all animals at all times.
  • Ensure that average daily roughage meets required levels for all applicable animals.


Salt, Calcium Carbonate, Mineral Oil, Iron Oxide, Calcium Iodate, Dextrin.

Ingredient   % ppm
SALT (as NaCI) MAXIMUM 99.9 999,000
SALT (as NaCI) MINIMUM 95 950,000
IODINE (as I) MINIMUM 0.011 110

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