American Midwest Distributors was established in 2005 to support the agriculture markets through animal feed distribution and has since expanded to become a full service distributor of animal nutrition, salt and other industrial products in the Midwest.  Our products include complete lines of large animal feed, pet food, birdseed, salt, pool chemicals, fertilizer, weed and pest control products, and farm supplies.  We distribute within a 200 mile radius of Kansas City and also offer 3rd party warehousing and logistics services.  American Midwest was selected to the Top 25 Under 25 class of 2011 by the Thinking Bigger Business organization of Kansas City and was accredited the Better Business Bureau distinction in 2014.


Our focus at American Midwest Distributors is to provide the highest level of customer service possible for our customers, which include but are not limited to: feed dealers, pet and pool retailers, hardware stores, landscapers, parks and recreation departments, and industrial users of salt and ice melt products.